Our goal is to be financially free by the age of 40. To do this, we need to get to roughly $1,250,000 in net worth. Our strategy to get to our goal is as follows:

  • Spend less to increase savings
  • Maximise earnings and generate further income through side jobs
  • Invest and aim for a 10% return

Currently, our income/expenses are as follows:

Income: $170,000/year before tax
Expenses: $55,000/year


2016 Goals Review here.


Combined 2017 Goals

  • Publish 1 post/week for financialfarmers.com
  • Invest $2000/month into the share market
  • Share portfolio value to $25,000 (currently at $12,500)
  • Annual dividends to $1,000 (currently at $100)
  • Buy an investment property
  • Savings rate of 50%
  • Net worth to $500,000


Toon’s 2017 Goals

  • Get Ps (driver’s licence)
    • Toon got her Learner’s driving licence in 2016 and now needs to get to the next stage and get her Provisional licence which will allow her to drive our car without me in the passenger seat. Unfortunately, to get to that stage, I need to sit in the passenger seat and teach her how to drive. This is often scary!
  • Get 3 wedding photo shoots booked for Sabai Photography
  • Buy a  24-70mm lens and 6D camera body
    • Although this doesn’t sound very frugal, the main purpose of this goal is so that Toon can take better quality photos at weddings for her photography business.
  • Get to 50kg (currently at 59kg)
    • This is a tough one! We ate much healthier in 2016 (our grocery expenses took a hit) and exercised regularly. As a result, we both lost weight. We’ll aim to continue to lose a bit more weight to get to our optimum level.
  • Spend more time/do activities together on the weekend
    • Although this goal is hard to measure, it’s an important one. We both work full-time and travel long distances to and from work. Combine that with everything else in our lives and it’s sometimes hard to make time for quality time together. We did OK in the area in 2016 but can always do better and this goals helps us with that.
  • Call parents in Laos at least once every 2-3 weeks
  • Online marketing for Sabai Photography
    • Develop a newsletter, get up to 200 likes on the Facebook page, video campaign/promotion of work
  • Get a new job closer to home
  • Make $1,000 from AirBnB
    • Check out our place here – you’re welcome to come and stay!
  • Visit Laos and Japan


Len’s 2017 Goals

  • Get to 70kg (currently at 79kg)
  • Read 12 books this year
    • I’ve been setting a reading goal regularly and just as regularly missing it by a long way. I like reading but for some reason can never make enough time for it. I’m going to try a new strategy this year.
  • Attend a regular weekly sport besides gym and yoga
  • Meditate daily
  • Be able to do 50 push-ups at one time
  • Learn 50 new Lao words
  • Go camping 4 times this year to new places
  • Start Masters course
  • Side business to make $10,000 in revenue
  • Get 3 new clients for side business
  • Do a quarterly blog post for side business
  • Execute 1 options trade
  • Become a chartered engineer