ING – $100 Cash Bonus

We moved over to ING for most of our regular banking due, initially, to their 2% cashback offer which gave us 2% off on all purchases under $100 and using pay wave. We were getting between $20-$30/month back in cashback which was great. That awesome deal ended around September last year but after reviewing other bank accounts we decided to stay with ING. They offer relatively high interest on the savings account and have good service. They also refund any ATM withdrawal fees when using other bank’s ATMs which means fee-free withdrawals at any ATM!

On top of this, they have regular promotions and sign-up bonuses. The current offer is a $100 bonus when you open the Orange Everyday account. The bonus is applied to both the new account holder and the referring account holder but you must follow these steps:

  1. Head to everyday
  2. Open a new Orange Everyday account and enter the promo code AXW085 during the application process
  3. Deposit $1,000+ into your new account within a calendar month of opening (offer ends 31 July 2017)
  4. Use your Orange Everyday card at least 5 times (before 31 July 2017)

That’s it! Not much effort for a $100 bonus and a great bank account on top. Of course, you’re free to close the account after getting the bonus if you want.

We try to take advantage of these offers regularly. Let us know if you’re interested in these types of deals and we’ll post more as they come up.

2 responses to “ING – $100 Cash Bonus”

  1. Interesting offer, I must say the 2% cash back was tempting but we never took that one up – I guess we like our transaction accounts with our current bank too much!

    Hope you guys get a few people signing up through your referral code 😉

    Mrs DDU

    • Yeah, it is a bit of a hassle to transfer over all your direct debits and the like. It was definitely worthwhile for us. I was previously using Bankwest but they went downhill after the Commonwealth Bank bought them. Can I ask who you guys do your bank with and why?

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