Net Worth (up 3.37%) and Budget Update – December, 2016

Net Worth (up 3.37%) and Budget Update – December, 2016

Last month’s update can be found here.

It’s that time again that we check our monthly budget and net worth. At the end of every month, we sit down for an hour or so and go through all of our income and expenses for the previous month.

Here is a summary of our December budget:

Income: $15,882.57 (down -25.7% from the previous month)

Down from last month’s record, but still well above our normal monthly income. This month we earned income from our two side businesses (Toon’s photography business and Len’s side business), Air BnB (referral link to get $50 off your next Air BnB booking), and some dividends as well.

Expenses: $5,144.83 (down -10.3% from the previous month)

We managed to keep our expenses in check for this normally very expensive month. We decided that we were gonna spend our holidays at home, working on the house and enjoying the Central Coast. Considering this month included yearly renewals of our home and car insurance, I think we did pretty well.


Monthly Savings Rate: 67.71% – another solid month in the books to round out 2016!

Yearly Savings Rate: 47.44%


We’ve now set our goals for 2017 and updated our budget so hopefully, it’ll be another solid year for us. We do have some big expenses coming up with plans to purchase a fireplace, overseas trip to India and Laos, and we’re planning on building a deck. With all these taken into account, we’re still going to aim for a savings rate of 50%.


Net Worth

We track our net worth to see how all of our assets and liabilities are moving along. We do this for two reasons; firstly, it gives us a good way of keeping on top of our various investments and secondly, it allows us to see whether we are progressing towards our goal of being financially free.

For now, we are including the equity in our home and superannuation as part of our net worth calculations.

Here are our results for the month of December:

Assets: $705,045.84 (up 1.66% from the previous month)

Liabilities: $330,331.73 (down -0.21% from the previous month)

Net Worth: $374,714.11 (up 3.37% from the previous month)



How did your finances look like last month? We’d love to know so feel free to make a comment below.

11 responses to “Net Worth (up 3.37%) and Budget Update – December, 2016”

  1. Nice job guys, that’s a great savings rate and really enjoyable for the yearly figure too. Your assets are growing nicely too!

    We had a pretty good end to the year, but 2017 looks like it could be our best year yet 🙂


    • Thank you Tristan.

      Let’s finger crossed for 2017 as we will travel oversea so it might not be as good as 2016. But we will keep working hard on our saving and the shares investment.


  2. Congrats on continued improvement in your Savings Rate – that’s awesome to see and must be very motivating too. Keep it up! 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • Hi DL,

      Thank you for dropping by. I am happy that the famous blog like you recognised us.
      Hopefully our graph will keep going up. But everything has to be up and down that is the nature rules.
      We expect more expenses this year as we will travel oversea.
      Best wish for 2017


  3. Jef says:

    Nice post here guys.. Good on you with the income there! Must admit I’m salivating with all of that equity there, I could certainly think of what to do with that although it really depends on someone’s goals

    Awesome to hear you’re tracking well though and keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  4. great month Len! a 67% savings rate is pretty freaking sweet! That’s how you get the investment snowball rolling and make great things happen in your portfolio. Best of luck in January and the rest of 2017!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats

  5. Hi Len,

    Great job with the 67.71% savings rate.


  6. You all are killing it. With a savings rate of close to 50% for the year and 67% for December you are going to reach FIRE in no time. Awesome job!!!

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