I love junk mail!

I love junk mail!

I love junk mail! Why? Because we have chickens, make our own compost and also own a paper shredder. Put those together and you get the following:

  • Free bedding for the chickens
  • Awesome composting material for the compost bin
  • Super absorbent bin liner material
  • Recycling!

The best part is that someone actually delivers this awesome resource to our house every day. We collect all of our junk mail in a cupboard and every few days, I take out the paper shredder and make this:



It’s fun and our son loves helping to shred paper (I’m planning to add this task to his chore list in the not-too-distant future but don’t tell him that).



Do you have any interesting uses for junk mail or other items that most people find annoying or useless? Tell us about it below!

6 responses to “I love junk mail!”

  1. vivianne says:

    Wow, what’s a great idea. Recycling is great for our environment, as most people just throw these papers away.

    I’m growing grass on my backyard, so this coming spring I’d use my junk mails mixing with grass seeds and flour to make seeds. I had 3/4 of my backyard looking so green, in the spring, I’ll just do touch up on the bald patches.

    Some other way I’ve seen online, people are making fruits and candies basket out of newspaper and junk mails. I like origami, I might do a couple while I’m on Xmas break.

    • Hi Vivianne,

      Totally agreed!

      May I copy your idea for my next project? I would love to make my backyard green. As a photographer, I have to spend money to buy some accessories to decorate my photograph’s background. Paper origami can be one of my alternative decorating ideas. Thank you for sharing.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Give me your address and I’ll have all of my junk mail forwarded to you. 🙂 Seriously, this is a great idea. It’s good to see this wasted paper go to good use. I like this idea. Now I just need some chickens.

  3. Very resourceful! Most of the time, the junk mail goes directly to our recycling bin. I’m glad you are able to get some use out of it, because I think it is a waste of time and money. The only positive is that these companies are helping fund our post office.


    • Hi Bert,

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to have you guys come past our blog as I have been following yours for quite a while now. I agree about junk mail being a massive waste of resources. It makes me feel great that I can make a use for it though as otherwise, it’s a massive nuisance.


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