Budget Update – September, 2016

Budget Update – September, 2016

It’s that time again that we check our monthly budget. At the end of every month, we sit down for an hour or so and go through all of our income and expenses for the previous month. Here is a summary of our September budget:

Income: $19,889.51

This included Toon’s first full month working full-time, Len’s payout for his accumulated annual leave when he quit his job and a government payment for last year’s childcare expenses for our son so was much higher than usual.

Expenses: $6,598.82

This is included a purchase of a new TV that we have been planning and saving for for a few months. As well as a purchase of $500 Woolworths gift card for groceries. We like to buy these gift cards as we can get 5% off. The other big expense this month was paying for before and after school care for our son as now we are both working full-time.

Monthly Savings Rate: 66.75%

This is our best savings rate since we started tracking our budget on a monthly basis at the start of this year.

Yearly Savings Rate: 37.19%

How did your budget look like last month? We’d love to know so feel free to make a comment below.

3 responses to “Budget Update – September, 2016”

  1. Wow, a 66.75% savings rate – that’s amazing! Good job to both you of you.

    It’s interesting look at your expense pie char. I’m curious about what the sport category entails?

    Good luck for the next month 🙂


    • Hi Tristan,

      Your comment makes my day. We have followed your blog and enjoyed your articles for sometimes. Thank you for stopping by. We are a newbie of blogging. Our website just published last week. We are preparing more articles and really want to share with you and the others.

      Len made it easy to see our expenses clearly on the pie chart. We are a membership of the anytime fitness. and occasionally Len joined the soccer, mutual art, and Yoga sessions. This is including our son’s activity. He has been doing his tennis and swimming.

      We would like to make our saving rate increased but let see what will it be this month (fingers crossed). We have spent quite a fair bit on the food/dinning out also the council rate bills are coming.


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