About us


We are a young couple with a young child, living on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. We have a cat, 4 chickens, and a vegetable garden. Our goal is to be financially free by the time we turn 40 (8 years away) and to live and learn about sustainable living along the way so that we can one day purchase a small farm. Early retirement from our full-time work is the goal and we will detail our journey to this on this site.

I am Toon, a web/graphic designer and photographer, born in Vientiane, Laos. I met my partner Len when he was living in Laos in 2014 and we have been together ever since. and Len, a civil engineer, was born in Odessa, Ukraine and migrated to Australia in 1992.

If you don’t build your own dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” – Tony Gaskins Jr.

We find it pretty sad that we have to dedicate our time and energy to work for someone and help them reach their goals/dreams. How about our goals? Every day we have to get up early, pack our lunches and hurry to get to work on time. Seeing people, dressed in business clothes, watching their phones, some of them sleeping as they hold onto their cups of coffee. And the worst part is, is that we are part of this group of people.

This is why we have made a decision that we are not going to do this for our whole lives. We set our goals and we have made plans to make our dream a reality. We will become financially free. We will live comfortably, grow our own fruit and veges and travel to as many countries as we can. This is why we have started this blog. We will journal our path to get to our goals and share our story in the hope that we can inspire others and learn from people on a similar path. We will discuss our budget, investments, and gardening stories.  

Maximising our income through:

  • Side jobs
  • Air BnB
  • Selling plants

Reducing expenses by:

  • Always shopping for the best offers
  • Being frugal
  • Reusing/recycling/repairing what we can
  • Avoiding consumerism

Utilising a mix of investment strategies such as:

  • Direct investment into the sharemarket both in Australia and abroad, mainly focusing on value stocks and high dividend growth
  • Investment in mutual funds and ETFs
  • Property investment both in Australia and abroad
  • Peer2peer lending

So, welcome to our blog and we hope you can join us on our ride.